AURA NSF Retirees

In 2020 the following plans are offered to eligible retirees:

Medicare Eligible Retirees and spouses

CIGNA Medicare Surround  

Non-Medicare Eligible retiree/spouses and dependents



CIGNA High Deductible Healthplan - Arizona

CIGNA High Deductible Healthplan - Outside AZ 

Prescription Drug Coverage & Medicare Part D

A Certificate of Credible Coverage for Medicare Part D was mailed to enrollees on October 14, 2018. You do not have to enroll in Medicare Part D if you remain enrolled in the retiree medical plan. The current prescription drug coverage offered through the CIGNA plan is, on average for all plan participants, expected to pay out a least as much as the standard Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage will pay. Because your existing coverage is on average at least as good as standard Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, you can keep this coverage and not pay extra if you later decide to enroll in Medicare Part D coverage.  Please contact HR to obtain a copy.

Important Reminders


All retirees/disabled retirees and dependents covered on the retiree health plans that are eligible for Medicare must be enrolled/enroll in Medicare Part A and B and should provide a copy of their Medicare card to AURA Human Resources upon enrollment.

If you are entitled to Medicare, Medicare is your primary source of coverage. The retiree medical plan is secondary.  When submitting claims to CIGNA you or your provider should include a copy of the Medicare Explanation of Benefits with the claim form.

Keep Us Up-to-Date

Please remember to keep your current contact information including mailing address, phone number, and email address up to date with AURA Human Resources and to notify us of changes in family status that may affect your benefits.  If you are interested in being added to our retiree email list please send an email request to