Vision Benefits - Mainland

AURA Employees in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico have the option of enrolling in a Voluntary Vision Plan provided by United Healthcare, an annual eye exam co-payment benefit (if enrolled in an AURA Medical Plan provided by Cigna), and utilizing discounts (if enrolled in an AURA Dental Plan). Here are summaries of your options:

Voluntary Vision Plan, United Healthcare (UHC)

Employees may elect to enroll in the United Healthcare Voluntary Vision benefit. The Vision plan provides full in-network coverage (after applicable co-pays) for comprehensive exams, single-vision, bifocal, trifocal and lenticular lenses, frames and contacts for employees enrolled in this plan. Co-pay for a comprehensive exam is $10, and for standard materials is $25. Network co-pays do not apply to out-of-network services. Out-of-network services are reimbursed on a different schedule.

CIGNA CDHP and OAP Medical Plan Vision Exam Benefit

Each AURA employee and dependent enrolled in the CIGNA CDHP and OAP may utilize any CIGNA provider and receive an Eye Exam annually for a $20.00 co-payment (benefit is limited to one exam per calendar year).

Cigna Healthy Rewards

Discounts on Exams and Eyewear

Healthy Rewards offers discounts for routine vision services, including exam and eyeglasses through the Vision Network Savings Program. The Cigna Vision network offer over 20,000 locations nationwide, including these national retail opticals: Pearle Vision, Target and JC Penney. This is a discount program, not an insured coverage. Find an Eyewear Health Care Professional and Review Vision Care Discounts.

Lasik Vision Correction is a technique that may reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Initial consultations are free through participating providers. Save up to 15% on services. Call 800-870-3470 to find a participating provider near you.

MetLife VisionAccess Discount Program

MetLife members are eligible for a vision discount plan at no extra cost through the MetLife VisionAccess program. Receive 15-20% discounts on vision services including spectacle exams, contact lens exams, frames, contact lenses, PRK, LASIK, and Custom LASIK. This is a discount program, not an insured benefit.

EDS VSP Access Discount Plan - ARIZONA ONLY

Employers Dental Services (EDS) members are eligible for a vision discount plan at no extra cost through the VSP Access Plan. VSP offers a 20% discount on eye exams, prescription glasses, lens options and non-prescription sunglasses. Contact lens exams are offered at a 15% discount, and special discounts are available on laser vision correction. This is a discount program, not an insured benefit.