Holiday Schedules


2019 US Holiday Schedule

1/1/2019 Tuesday New Year's Day ALL
1/21/2019 Monday Martin Luther King Day ALL
2/18/2019 Monday Presidents' Day CO, HI
2/22/2019 Friday Rodeo Day AZ ONLY
3/26/2019 Tuesday Prince Kuhio Day GEMINI
4/19/2019 Friday Spring Day/Good Friday ALL
5/27/2019 Monday Memorial Day ALL
6/11/2019 Tuesday King Kamehameha Day GEMINI
7/4/2019 Thursday Independence Day ALL
8/16/2019 Friday Hawaii Admissions Day GEMINI
9/2/2019 Monday Labor Day ALL
11/11/2019 Monday Veteran's Day (Observed) GEMINI
11/28/2019 Thursday Thanksgiving ALL
11/29/2019 Friday Day After Thanksgiving NOAO, NSO, LSST
12/25/2019 Wednesday Christmas Day  ALL
12/26/2019 Thursday Day After Chistmas LSST

2019 Chilean Holiday Schedule

1/1/2019 Tuesday New Year's Day
4/19/2019 Friday Good Friday
4/20/2019 Saturday Holy Saturday
4/21/2019 Sunday Easter
5/1/2018 Wednesday Labor Day
5/21/2017 Tuesday Navy Day 
6/29/2019 Saturday Saint Peter & Saint Paul
7/16/2019 Tuesday Our Lady of Mount Carmel Day
8/15/2019 Thursday Assumption Day
9/18/2019 Wednesday Independence Day
9/19/2019 Thursday Army Day
9/20/2019 Friday Extended National Day
10/12/2019 Saturday Columbus Day
10/31/2019 Thursday Protestant & Evangelical Churches Day
11/1/2018 Friday All Saints Day
12/8/2019 Sunday Immaculate Conception
12/24/2019 Tuesday Eve of Christmas Day
12/25/2019 Wednesday Christmas Day 
12/31/2019 Tuesday Eve of New Year (pm)