Employee Assistance Plan - Mainland (USA)

AURA is dedicated to providing assistance to employees through the Optum Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to make your life easier. Optum will provide toll-free 24/7 access to master’s-level employee assistance specialists who provide consultation, risk screening, advocacy, referrals and educational materials. You can request and receive EAP clinician visit certification immediately through the website for routine, outpatient care. A network of clinicians — part of the larger network of 150,000 clinicians — provides goal-oriented counseling. Telemental health HIPAA-compliant technology delivers video EAP services in the privacy and comfort of your home or wherever you choose, providing convenience and accessibility. EAP-licensed telemental health providers are available in every state. Optum’s web services are available in English and Spanish and contain self-help information, searchable resource databases/directories, video programs, personal empowerment programs, and thousands of articles on our website, liveandworkwell.com.  MyLiveandworkwell mobile app allows users to click to call, request a call back, look up EAP benefits, conduct provider searches and authorizations, and access the Live and Work Well (LAWW) website.
EAP and WorkLife Services Phone # 866-248-4094 
Visit Liveandworkwell.com, click "Browse as a guest with a company access code", enter "AURA" for Guest Access Code
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