At AURA, we pride ourselves on putting the health and security of our employees first, and that is why we offer employees LegalShield, a legal protection plan and IDShield, an identity theft protection plan.
If you would like to enroll in one of these benefits or for more information visit You’ll pay your premium via payroll deduction.
Legal Protection from LegalShield
With LegalShield you will have direct access to a dedicated law firm who can review and prepare legal documents, assist with personal legal matters such as speeding tickets, neighbor disputes and family related matters such as adoption.
LegalShield puts a law firm in the palm of your hand.
LegalShield Plan Benefits:
• Dedicated law firm 
• Legal consultation and advice 
• Court representation
• Legal document preparation and review
• Letters and phone made calls on your behalf
• Speeding ticket assistance
• Will preparation
• 24/7 emergency legal access
• Mobile app
Watch a video on the benefits LegalShield can provide both you and your family.
Identity Theft Protection from IDShield
Millions of people have their identity stolen each year. IDShield provides the identity theft protection and identity restoration services you not only need but deserve. With IDShield you will receive comprehensive identity and credit monitoring and direct access to dedicated licensed private investigators who will restore your identity if stolen.
IDShield Plan Benefits Include*:
• Identity Consultation and Advice 
• $1 Million Protection Policy
• Identity and Credit Monitoring  
• Identity and Credit Threat Alerts  
• Complete Identity Restoration  
• Direct Access to Licensed Private Investigators  
• Monthly Credit Score Tracker  
• Social Media Monitoring 
• Mobile App  
Watch a video on the benefits IDShield can provide both you and your family.
Plan Resources:
Identity Theft Protection from IDShield