Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) - All Locations

Flexible Spending Accounts offer employees a way of making pre-tax payroll deductions for qualified medical and/or dependent care expenses.

Health Care FSA Plan Benefits

  • Reimburses health care expenses, incurred by you and your tax dependents, not eligible to be paid by insurance.
  • Maximum annual election of $2,650
  • Available to individuals enrolled in one of the AURA healthcare plans and do not have a HSA account 
    or  no enrolled in health coverage through AURA.

Limited Use FSA Plan Benefits

  • Reimburses dental and vision services.
  • Maximum annual election amount is $2,650
  • Available only to individuals who enroll in the CIGNA CDHP/HDHP plan

Dependent Care FSA Plan Benefits

  • Reimburses dependent care expenses that allow you and your spouse to work. This is NOT for dependent health care expenses.
  • Maximum annual election of $5,000.


  • Newly eligible employees may enroll within 31 days of hire
  • An individual may change his FSA contributions within 31 days of a qualifying change in family status.
  • During Open Enrollment, an individual must re-enroll to continue participation in the FSA the following year.

File a Claim

You can be reimbursed for expenses with service dates from January 1 through December 31, while actively making contributions to the plan. The date you pay for an item or service is irrelevant.

  • Submit claims directly to the plan provider.
  • Attach the appropriate documentation including: an explanation of benefits (EOB), receipt, or invoice
  • Documentation must include: provider or full name of product, patient name, amount, and date(s) of service.
  • Canceled checks will not be accepted in lieu of an itemized bill or receipt
  • Statements showing only a previous balance are not acceptable documentation
  • Individuals may be reimbursed up to the full annual election amount regardless of the amount contributed to the account on the health and limited purpose plans.
  • All eligible funds for the plan year  must be claimed within 90 days with the Third Party Administrator by the end of the plan year. If an individual retires or ceases participation in the plan, dates of service must be prior to the active participation end date. Under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, any funds not claimed from the Heathcare FSA within these periods over $500 remaining in your account at the end of the plan year and have not incurred expenses for which to claim that money, are forfeited.