Career Opportunities

AURA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. AURA seeks to create and maintain a diverse workforce which includes women, under-represented minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities in all position classifications. AURA’s recruiting and hiring practices are designed to attract a broadly diverse pool of candidates including underrepresented applicants. When a vacancy occurs, AURA will hire the most qualified person from among the fully qualified applicants meeting AURA goals and clearly defined program needs while endeavoring to develop and maintain a diverse work force where women, underrepresented minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities staff are proportionately represented.

In general, employment with AURA, except as defined by written contract for employment and/or policies for the employment of scientific research staff, is considered “at will” and shall be for no definite duration. Either the employer or the employee may terminate employment at any time. Except as stated above nothing contained herein shall be construed as creating a contract for employment either expressly or implied. Continued employment is subject to satisfactory job performance and to the availability of funds and work.

Please review Equal Employment Opportunity Posters provided by OFCCP.

AURA is an E-Verify employer.