Medical Insurance: New Mexico

Two plans are offered to employees in Arizona and Colorado through CIGNA. A Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and an Open Access Plus Plan (OAP).

AURA will pay 100% of the premium for employees on the CDHP Plan; with bi-weekly employee contributions for a portion of your dependent’s coverage.  AURA pays a portion of an employee’s and dependents coverage under the OAP Plan.

For plan options, premium rates, and detailed information, refer to the 2017 Benefits Guide.

NEW for 2017

"NEW" Telehealth Benefit:

Cigna medical plans provide covered employees with access to two new telehealth services American Well (AmWell) and MDLIVE called the Cigna Telehealth Connection, telehealth services designed to offer employees greater control when they need to see a doctor.  See flyer under CIGNA Resources. 
"NEW" Step Therapy› Drug Program:
Step Therapy is a prior authorization program that encourages the use of less costly yet effective medications before more costly medications are approved for coverage. Cigna’s Step Therapy program will help members find and choose lower-cost alternatives. See flyer under CIGNA Resources. 

"NEW" Flexible Spending Account maximum for medical will increase to $2600 for 2017.

"NEW" Health Savings Account maximum for an individual will increase to $3,400 for 2017. The family maximum remains at $6750.


Annual Incentive Maxmiums: Individual $650 and Family $950.  

Employees eligible for and enrolled in the Consumer Driven High Plan (HDHP) for 2017 will receive a $300 HSA contribution if they were enrolled as of January 1, 2017.  New hires and subsequent enrollees will receive a prorated amount of 1/12 for each month enrolled in the plan.  All employer contributions count the annual employee HSA maximum contributions.

Annual Incentive Maxmiums: Individual $350 and Family $650

If you missed the biometric screening you can still earn addtional employer contribution sEmployees have multiple ways to earn incentives up to the annual incentive maximum.

  • Physician Verification Test at Lab (SUNSPOT Staff Only)

    • Employee - $350

    • Spouse - $300

    • Outcomes (Meeting their goal)
      • Employee - $300
      • Spouse - $150
  • Interactive Health or Cigna Health Coaching Programs

  • Employee - $200
  • Spouse - $200
  • Annual Preventive Exam
    • Employee - $150
    • Spouse - $150
  • Dental Exam
    • Employee - $50
    • Spouse - $50
  • Cigna Health Risk Assessment
    • Employee - $100
    • Spouse - $100
  • Onsite Health Coaching
    • Employee/session (3 session max) - $50 per session

Those at the individual level of coverage may receive up to $350 in incentives and family level coverage can receive up to $650 in incentives.

Employees enrolled in the OAP or not eligible for HSA’s will receive equivalent amounts in premium discounts throughout the plan year. 

Contributions for IH participation will be made in a lump after the beginning of the plan year.  All other contributions will be made on a quarterly basis after verification of completion.