Employee Handbook


AURA is deeply committed to the human resources that support our mission to advance astronomy and related sciences and is deeply invested in continually developing and improving its policies and practices for the purpose of providing a welcoming and fruitful work environment for all employees. AURA believes that a diverse workforce, particularly one that includes women and individuals from under-represented minority groups, contributes best to the achievement of excellence in both our organization and the scientific community as a whole.

All AURA staff bear responsibility for developing and fostering a diverse and inclusive work place. For upper-level employees, this responsibility shall be specifically identified in their individual job descriptions, and their success in meeting this responsibility shall be specifically evaluated in their performance evaluations.

AURA’s recruiting and hiring practices are designed to attract a broadly diverse pool of candidates including under-represented applicants. When a vacancy occurs, AURA will hire the most qualified person from among the fully qualified applicants meeting AURA goals and clearly defined program needs while endeavoring to develop and maintain a diverse work force where women and under-represented minority staff are proportionately represented.

As a leader in the astronomical community, AURA believes that it bears a responsibility to that community to develop and support outreach and educational programs which will not only advance our organizational commitment to diversity but broadens participation and encourages the advancement of diversity throughout the astronomical scientific workforce.

Employee Handbook for Gemini Observatory

Employee Handbook for NOAO, NSO, LSST